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Scrum is more agile than PRINCE. It is a better fit with AgilePM. They both focus on the same basic principles: flexibility, speed, transparency, simplicity, and communication. They both work on the same basic principles. However, they are different in a few ways.

Scrum is more popular today. PRINCE is a mature methodology and has been around for many years. However, it requires the client to be aware of the process, and if they are not, they may not be successful. PRINCE is used in conjunction with Agile methods.

They provide safety and security while still keeping them Prince2 course online flexible. While Scrum is used alone or in conjunction with AgilePM. Both are very good methods. While Scrum has a more formal approach than AgilePM, it is more flexible and agile.

Scrum gives developers more flexibility, while AgilePM makes them more rigid. They are similar. So, they can easily complement each other. They can be used together to create agile software. But, PRINCE can be used alone as well. It is used when the organization wants a very structured, stable, and highly secure development environment.

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