How to Pay Your Credit Card Bill: Different Methods Explained?

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We use credit cards mostly in our day to day life. While issuing companies offer various types of credit cards to suit users’ needs, they also provide different credit card bill payment modes for them. This is how they allow customers to pay their bills easily. With the emergence of digital and online banking facilities, users can use several ways to pay bills online. However, for those who are more comfortable with online banking, banks provide offline methods to accomplish the goal. This guide takes users through the various methods available for credit card bill payments.

Online Methods

  1. Mobile Banking

Making payments through mobile banking is a preferred option for many. Most users use their smartphones to pay their credit card bills on the go using a mobile banking app. When they log in to their mobile banking account, they can check their credit card statement, due amount, and the last date to make the payment. From here, they can click on the ‘make payment’ option and pay the bill to fulfil the credit card requirements. They get a confirmation message to verify the payment once they enter their transaction details.

  1. Net Banking

Net banking is one of the easiest, fastest, and most secure methods to pay credit card bills online. Users can pay their bills after entering their net banking account details, providing their login and transaction passwords, and punching in the OTP they receive on their registered mobile number. Once they enter these details, the bill amount gets deducted from their bank account immediately, and they get a confirmation message to verify the payment. The credit card company also confirms that they have received the amount and that the dues are clear.

  1. NEFT/ IMPS Payment

This is another common payment method users can do from their savings account, net banking portal, or mobile app. Add the credit card account as a ‘Payee’ on the savings bank account by entering their bank account number and IFSC code for the credit card account. After adding the account as a payee, the users can make their credit card bill payment just like they transfer funds to other accounts. It simply needs to choose the credit card account from the payee list, enter the bill amount, and choose the NEFT or IMPS methods to initiate the transfer.

IMPS transfer the funds immediately, while NEFT may take a few working hours to reflect the payment. The method is extremely safe, as net banking passwords and OTP authentication protect it.

  1. Visa Payment

Users can pay their credit card bills through Visa Payment Facility. To proceed with this option, they need to log in to their net banking account, select ‘Visa Payment’ under the ‘Fund Transfer’ section, select ‘Bill Pay’, and enter card details to initiate the transfer. Once you confirm the details, pay the bill amount.

  1. WebPay

WebPay is a digital payment gateway that allows users to quickly, easily, and securely pay credit card bills. The users must enter their credit card number and bill amount, select the net banker, and click on ‘Pay’.

Offline Methods

  1. Cheque Payments

Paying by cheque is one of the easiest ways to pay credit card bills offline. The users need to put their card numbers in the payee’s name and enter details like the bill amount they wish to pay and the date. After preparing the cheque, they can locate their nearest branch and drop it at the ATM dropbox. Processing the cheques takes two to five business days.

  1. Branch Office

Users can pay their credit card bills by visiting their credit card issuer’s branch office and depositing cash. Fill out a deposit slip with the credit card number and bill amount and submit it over the branch counter. The payment takes around 24 hours to process, after which the user receives a confirmation message. However, paying the bill at the branch office incurs a fee of Rs. 100 plus GST.

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Paying bills on time ensures you are kept from the lurch, with the credit card balance accumulating over time. Above are some of the most popular credit card bill payment methods. Check out the options with your credit card company and use one that suits you best as per convenience.

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