What is Medical Astrology?

The 6th house rules illness, the 8th house rules surgery, the 12th house rules death, and the 12th house rules hospitalization. Condition is represented by the numbers 6 and 8, whereas a defect is symbolized by the number 12. If the sub-lord of the 12th cusp is located in the house of disease, and if the sub-lord is situated in the constellation of the planet occupying or owning either the 6th or 8th, or 12th house, then the person will suffer from the deficiency beginning with the period in which the significators jointly function. Suppose the sub-lord of the ascendant is in the significator constellation for the numbers 6, 8, or 12, as per astrology.

6th house

 It’s a sign of poor health because of this. Only when a planet is in its mahadasha or Bhukti in the 6th house should one anticipate a health crisis. Illness is imminent if a planet’s sign or aspect puts it in the sixth house. This clarifies why there are repercussions when their times coincide. A world in any movement or constellation can rule the sixth house. It follows that you could get sick on any planet.

8th house

Many astrologers believe that the Eighth House in a person’s birth chart is very predictive of that person’s lifespan. To live a long and healthy life, you need to pay attention to more than simply the 8th house. The first and third houses are just as crucial. The eighth house represents our physical departure from this world and into the next. Illness, injury, surgery, suicide, and bad fortune can all pose a threat. Hence these events are all associated with the Eighth House.

12th house

The twelfth house is associated with disease, confinement, imprisonment, loss through marriage, loss of wife, loss of any type, expenses, donations, charitable work, secret enemies, deception, and repayment of a loan in astrology. Ask Astrologer for more guidance.

Being healthy ranks first, followed by an absence of illness, absence of bed rest, and finally, absence of disease at the twelve-month mark. When someone is sick, they are considered to be in the age of whatever planet rules the sixth house. He should feel better under the influence of the planet ruling his ascendant, fifth house, or eleventh house. If a natal planet for a Virgo is in Scorpio, in Saturn’s star, and the sun’s sub, then that individual has a higher risk of being sick than the general population. The following astrological houses represent health and healing:

The astrological first house (or Ascendant) is usually essential when considering a person’s health. This is an indication of the locals’ physical fitness and vitality. If both the lord of the ascendant cusp and the lord of the ascendant is well placed in terms of house, nakshatra, aspect, and conjunction, the native will enjoy good health.

5th house

The 5th house, the house of healing and health, is the 12th house from the 6th house, the house of illness and disease. Fortunately for the 6th house, the 5th house is a counterbalance to sickness and condition. When the planets in the fifth house are favorable, the native’s health generally improves, and whatever ailments they may have been cured.

11th house

Medicinal plants are related to the 11th house since it is the sixth house from the sixth. Chronic disease cannot be cured if the 11th house cusp and lord are in the domain of hostile planets and if there are no planets in the 11th house or the owner’s or occupant’s constellation. The horoscope indicates that the 11th house is weak and that the lords of the dasas during which the onset of disease occurred are all subordinate to the ruler of 6. The Eleven and One Lords are spoiled, too. The 11th house, which follows the 12th house, is responsible for the patient’s release from the hospital.

Zodiac signs and their associated planets. 

Planets in changeable signs are more likely to induce short-lived illnesses, whereas those caused by planets in common signs have a more uncertain prognosis. Persistent symptoms could be a precursor of persistent and distressing disease. When planets are in changeable or cardinal signs, they can affect the skin, stomach, kidneys, and brain. Conditions as diverse as the flu, rheumatism, gout, encephalitis, epilepsy, apoplexy, cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, rheumatism, gout, and the common cold. Diseases that manifest themselves in the esophagus, heart, urine-genital organs, and blood are all presentable symptoms. Disorders of the urinary and reproductive systems; blood illnesses; infections such as tonsillitis, diphtheria, heart disease, spinal disease, piles, stones,


Patterns of planetary movement and conjunctions in a patient’s medical history can be used in astrology to conclude the disease’s causation, prognosis, and potential treatments. Sometimes, a client may come in for an astrological consultation, and the astrologer will see a potential health problem in the client’s horoscope long before the client feels any symptoms.

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