Yet Another Superstar on Road! Here is Everything You Know About Hero Bike Price

hero bike price

Indian motorcycles fall into four categories: mileage motorcycles, tourers, off-roaders, and electric motorcycles. Motorcycles that get 60 to 70 km per liter are called mileage-type motorcycles, and they typically cost between Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 800,000.

It starts at 2 to 3 lakhs for tourers, which are a little more powerful and suitable for long-distance travel. With its starting price at 5 lakhs, off-roaders are ideal for long-distance travel and for challenging terrains like Ladakh.

Since the push for an all-electric ecosystem, electric motorcycles have been in high demand. They run on charged batteries, and the Revolt RV300 and RV400 have been launched in India.

According to Hero bikes prices in India, the cheapest model is the HF 100, which costs Rs 55,768. In terms of the Hero bike price, the XPulse 200 costs Rs 1.52 lakh, which is the most expensive Hero bike. Splendor Plus (Rs 70,936), HF Deluxe (Rs 63,388), and Super Splendor (Rs 79,318) are some of the most popular Hero models. In 2022, Hero is expected to launch Xtreme 160S and Maestro Xoom 110 in India. You can find out the latest price, specifications, offers, mileage, colors, and images for a Hero motorcycle by selecting it from the list below.

There is a starting price of Rs. 58,418 for Hero bikes online. As of now, the Hero brand sells 18 models in their Indian market, the most popular being the HF Deluxe, Splendor Plus Xtec, and Splendor Plus. The forthcoming Hero bikes include Leap Hybrid SES, XF3R, and Maestro Xoom 110. Hero’s Xpulse 200 4V is the most expensive bike, costing Rs. 1,37,496.

The Hero brand, the world’s largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, is synonymous with speed, maneuverability, and reliability. Unsurprisingly, Hero Motocorp does not disappoint with its range of bikes online and scooters. Hero bikes can cost between 39,000 and over 1 lakh rupees depending on the model and the model year. 

Hero’s Karizma ZMR is the most expensive and coveted bike on the market, but the Hero Xpulse will become the most expensive bike once it is launched at INR 1.30 lakh. The hero bike price is expected to be between INR 1.08 lakh and INR 1.11 lakh. From INR 49,900 to INR 51,300, the Hero Maestro Edge scooter is popular with ladies.

Even though India is one of the world’s largest two-wheeler markets, making the right choice can be challenging, as it is difficult to choose one over the others. These are some crucial factors you need to consider to define your needs, determine the type of motorcycle you want, and finally, take your dream bike home.

Cruisers – 

These seats allow the rider to sit upright or slightly leaned back as their feet are forward and their hands are at or above chest level. This is essentially a sofa transformed into a motorcycle designed for long highway trips. An example would be a Bajaj Avenger DTS-I or a Royal Enfield Thunderbird.

Sport bikes – 

The riding position in these is aggressive, with the handlebars are lowered below the rider’s chest, elbows are always straight, and your feet are tucked under or behind your torso. This riding design helps create a sharp angle between the thighs and the body. This is why the bikes are made especially for track riders to maximise their performance around fast lanes and sharp corners.

Street bikes – 

With a slightly more upright riding position, this is an amalgam of the tourer and sports bike styles, which might be a bit more comfortable for shorter and slick traffic rides. They range from basic commuters to powerful bikes, making up the most comprehensive category. A few examples are Honda CB 1000R and Bajaj Discover 100T.

Tourer – 

The tourer bike style has a more erect design, with feet placed somewhat in the front, combining cruisers and sportbikes online. Long-distance riders will find that these bikes are designed for comfort. A few examples are the Yamaha Fazer and the Hero Karizma R.

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