Best Seafood In Oklahoma City

Oklahoma may not be known as a center for fish, but rather there are a few first class spots presenting incredible fish, lobster, shellfish and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, all over the state. Some fish is flown in from South America, while different spots source from around the U.S. Furthermore, some, is gotten here in our own lawn. Anything that you like, Oklahoma has a fish café presenting the best. Here are our 9 top choices.

Pearl’s Oyster Bar, Oklahoma City, OK

As per the menu, “Pearl’s completely upholds the maintainable fish development… Dress nonchalantly.” The menu is a combination of Creole, Southwest, Asian and Mediterranean flavors with new fish. It’s most likely one the tope cafés in the state for fish.

Bodean, Tulsa, OK

Bodean has a fish market, and you’ll track down new determinations on the café menu. barbecued Alaskan halibut, Alaskan red lord crab legs and ocean scallops beauty this brilliant menu.

Bluestone Steakhouse and Seafood, Tulsa, OK

A high end food experience where you can spruce up or come easygoing. They serve new Ahi fish, Norwegian salmon, halibut and proposition one wild-gotten fish of the day in season. The café is resolved to fine food and wine, neighborhood fixings whenever the situation allows and astounding assistance.

Cosby’s Catfish Restaurant, Eucha, OK

An eatery close to Grand Lake, this spot has probably the best catfish and hushpuppies in the state. Albeit the eatery is new to the area, the proprietors have many years of involvement with the food business.

White River Fish Market and Restaurant, Tulsa, OK

On Tuesday and Wednesday, you’ll track down lobster, however on some random day, you’ll find new fish flown in from around North and South America. You could actually choose the specific bits of fish for your request, which can be barbecued, seared or cooked to your particulars.

The Drake, Oklahoma City, OK

The Drake is important for the Good Egg Dining Group, and it is featured by practical fish served in an upscale climate with neighborliness as a concentration. It’s an extraordinary spot to appreciate shellfish, paella or various kinds of new fish.

The Rock House Ristorante, Talihina, OK

The Maryland Crab Cakes are made with 100% crab, no filler. There aren’t numerous fish dishes on the menu, yet the ones that are there are consistently delightful.

McGehee’s Catfish Restaurant, Marietta, OK

Their specialty is catfish, and they’ve been doing it right since the 1970s. Get it seared or barbecued, with every one of the sides and quiet pups. Most Oklahomans appreciate catfish, and it doesn’t get a lot fresher than Mcgehee’s.

BG’s Catch, Kingston, OK

Situated close to Lake Texoma, BG’s Catch is focused on utilizing ranch raised catfish on its smorgasbord. The culinary specialists hand-bread every catfish filet and concoct it new.

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