Best Seafood In Portsmouth NH

New Hampshire is known for rich history and culture molded the present America. Portsmouth is one of the urban communities in the gallery state, bragging conventional designs the eighteenth and nineteenth hundreds of years.

Portsmouth sits close to the Piscataqua River, making it ideal as a vacation destination. Did you realize Portsmouth doesn’t charge burden on shopping? That and the delightful waterfronts and recipes that have endured for the long haul and taste look for you here.

Discussing food: fish is the way to express affection of the city. Mollusk chowder and shellfish suppers are well known here. Here is a rundown of fish eateries to place in your schedule as you plan your next excursion to Portsmouth.

Best Seafood Restaurants In Portsmouth, NH

Surf Portsmouth

Surf values newness in all the fish on the menu. Dishes are arranged particularly day to day from a new catch from the nearby anglers. Michale Buckley (the cook and proprietor of the eatery) has many years of culinary ability in getting ready government food.

A lunch or supper meeting at Surf isn’t just reviving yet scrumptious. The water view gives the ideal break from the clamoring roads of New Hampshire into a peaceful spot. The crude bar is something to anticipate; it serves clams, among other delightful food varieties.

Surf has a menu to bite the dust for close by the wowing mood at the waterfront eatery. You feast in the glow of the south and worldwide marvel with recipes. Surf is your one-quit shopping spot to fulfill your desires with barbecued, smoked, and seared meats straight from the water.

Waterway House Restaurant

Waterway House is an easygoing café serving occasional food in Portsmouth. The waterfront district is great for peaceful date evenings and quiet days. The fish and vegetables are acquired locally to have new and tasty fixings.

The café has three gourmet experts to guarantee quality is presented with each plate: a corporate culinary specialist, a leader cook, and a top assistant chef. All have broad encounters making delightful fish, making this region a must-visit for local people or voyagers.

There are three eating spaces at this joint. The principal deck outside offers a waterfront view with warmed space and retractable sides, making it an outright fancy for night dates.

The upper overhang is likewise warmed and has retractable sides. The benefit is that it’s open the entire year, come snow or downpour.

The fundamental lobby feasting region has waterfront sees, with sufficient room to hold a huge party. Contiguous the fundamental deck is a mixed drink deck prepared to pour you “stunningly great” blends of spirits from the bar.

The outside deck and gallery seating give stunning perspectives on the Piscataqua River. You witness the towing boats as they attract the big haulers to the harbors.

The café has a children’s menu for kids 12 years and lower. You can arrange their #1 chicken strips and fish.

You can likewise hold private suppers at the eatery book ahead by calling for reservations and accessibility.

The Beach Plum

The Beach Plum is a counter help café having some expertise in fish recipes in Portsmouth. It has four areas in New Hampshire serving scrumptious fish recipes. The Portsmouth area began in 1992 and is open the entire year, serving tasty mollusks and lobster moves that you can never get enough of.

The 2018 champ of the “Best of Taste of the Southcoast” grant has the best lobster rolls nearby. Ocean side Plum additionally holds the 2019 “Best of New Hampshire” by the New Hampshire Magazine.

The eatery is open the entire year, serving fish and liquor at table assistance. You can likewise test the 78 frozen yogurt flavors from the in-house frozen yogurt bar.

Suggested dish: The angler’s platter is likewise worth looking at a plate brimming with fries, bread, fish steaks, shrimp, and so forth. The platter is enough for two.

Column 34

Column 34 is an upscale restaurant serving shellfish and fish in a smooth climate. The café flaunts an old style menu, away from the undeniable broiled food yet at the same time nearer to well known fish tastes. The cooks put in a lot of art to serve each plate with a specialty that is just accessible at Row 34.

Albeit not right at the waterfront, Row 34 is a couple of blocks from the decks. The open air seating makes up for the waterline, serving food and tapped lagers looked for from the best breweries in Portsmouth. Fish is in every case straight from Fish Pier, and the highest quality new shellfish available anywhere.

Stopping is accessible at Hanover Street Parking Garage or on the metered road stopping outside the eatery. The roomy eating lobby is ideal for holding enormous gatherings and occasions. Plan with the administration through a booking on how best they can oblige you. The “request on the web” highlight is likewise a lifeline to have takeout.

Suggested dish: Seafood Stew-carrot, fingerlings potatoes, and sourdough) presented with prepared shellfish (with lemon parsley spread; and garlic).

Warren’s Lobster House

The port eatery at Warren’s is an objective with its reasonable part of brilliance and commendation for fish ability. They serve the best around for lobsters, starting to lead the pack in having a fine menu on this. The café even has a self-service counter, The Seacoast’s Finest Seafood and Salad Bar, with more than 60 things.

The 350 seat café has a past filled with serving food starting around 1940, making it quite possibly of the most established working in Portsmouth. A 30-pound lobster actually shows over the bar and a lock snare carpet with north of 50 angler’s bunches. Visit the café for an impeccable portrayal of fish in the Port city of Portsmouth.

Warren’s Lobster House has open air seating at the deck. You get to partake in the breeze by the waterfront as you dive in on your heavenly fish making a difference. There’s valet stopping, particularly in season. Extra stopping on the road is likewise accessible in the event that you visit, off-hours.

The eatery has a children’s menu close by their primary menu for kids under 10 years.

Weave’s Clam Hut

Weave’s Clam Hut has a pivot for new lobster and mollusks arranged with a hand of involvement. The family-claimed eatery is home to day to day new conveyances from neighborhood anglers. The lobsters and shellfishes are hand-chosen to keep up with steady quality and size.

Since its origin during the 50s, the café has kept on being a fan-#1 among local people and voyagers the same. Expect some plunge into the rich-inhouse recipes the café has created for quite a long time. The state is superb, such as tasting Old England’s best with a cutting edge touch.

Bounce’s Clam Hut 2

Bounce’s Clam Hut has the best hand-chose mollusk and lobster. The choice cycle makes the eatery a top level in the nature of the food they serve, as they’re fastidious about their determination cycle. The customary recipes local to Bob’s are to begrudge you can’t bear to miss a dinner here.

Goodness, and there’s a children’s menu and a stocked bar serving brew and wine. Investigate their broad wine and lager choices to check whether your #1 beverage is accessible.

Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Café

Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe opened in 2000, serving fish in a smooth climate in Portsmouth. It’s cherished for the assortment of fish it serves, among its dishes: haddock piccata, shellfish, fish, salmon, linguine, and mollusks.

Chief Chef Harley Smith guarantees quality is superb on the newly shown up fish from the neighborhood fish docks. The eatery additionally works in fascinating fish possesses a flavor like fish and haddock. Appreciate delectable food in a hip vibe at Jumpin’ Jay’s Fish Cafe when you make an excursion to Portsmouth — it’s a must-go to setting for local people. Why not you?

Fish is in every case straight from the neighborhood fishers, with an extraordinary mix of something very similar for fish, salmon, and haddock. The eatery loves reservations; make a reserving for your occasion through a call to the café. Confidential feasting is likewise welcome in the bistro’s eating lobbies, with a limit of up to 60 visitors for supper.

The Oar House

The Oar House is situated in a memorable structure in the midtown Portsmouth region. The construction was utilized as a Merchant’s Row close to Portsmouth’s old harbor. The structure saw a fire and was subsequently built as a block structure, an eminent pattern during the 1800s.

The fish administration includes mussels, Atlantic haddock, clams, lobsters, and shrimp. There is a crude bar for shrimp and clams, as well. The Oar is prepared for private occasions of somewhere in the range of 10 and 75 visitors or a dinner of up to 100 benefactors.

There is accessible stopping at the café’s parking structure. Your boat or yacht can tow on the harbors close to the café, as it’s strolling distance from any midtown setting. The open air space permits you to partake in the bountiful view at the waterfront as you partake in a brew, wine glass, or margarita from the fully stocked bar in the eatery.


Portsmouth is a thrilling city enhancing a fish culture, particularly for a waterway city. The cafés are vital on the waterfront of River Piscataqua. All recipes in these eateries are dominatingly fish situated, serving mollusks, mussels, clams, lobster, and so on.

If you have any desire to have an incredible fish “buffet” by the water, advance toward Portsmouth. They have specific global recipes and make their dishes from new produce from the neighborhood get. Make it a must-visit for your itinerary items to New Hampshire.

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