Buzzed Card Game

Buzzed Card Game is for you if you’re tired of games with too many rules and want to find a simple drinking game that’s a blast. You must top up your drinks, figure out who goes first, and pick a card.

The cards have a series of questions, and you or the group have to drink if that question applies to you. It’s a lot of fun and can be played with 3 to 20 people aged 18 or over.

Game rules

Buzzed is a simple drinking game designed for 3 to 20 players. It uses a deck of cards and a buzzer to determine its turn.

To play the game, players take turns flipping a card from the top of the deck and placing it in front of them. If their card matches the flipped card (in number or suit), they must yell “Buzz!” and slap the buzzer.

The last player to hit the buzzer drinks a drink. The game ends when someone drinks too much or no more cards are left.

The game is a good way to get the conversation flowing. With 180 cards that let you vote, compete and confess, no two games are ever the same!

Rules of bluffing

In Buzzed Card Game, players assign drinks based on whether someone is bluffing or if they have a matching card in the pyramid. Each player is dealt four cards, face down in a 6-5-4-3-2-1 pyramid format.

The dealer turns over one card and asks players to guess the next one. If a player guesses the correct number, they drink four times; otherwise, they become the new dealer and drink again.

The dealer then flips over a second card, and each player tries to remember the first card they were given. Once a player can remember the first card they were dealt, they can flip over to the next card in the pyramid.

Game mechanics

Buzzed Card Game is a simple drinking game that works with many players. You only need a full deck of cards, drinks, and a buzzer to play the game.

Each player takes turns drawing a card and reading it out loud. Drink based on the prompt on the card, and then repeat the process until everyone is buzzed! This adult party game is fun for parties, pregames, games, and chilling with friends.

This nonsense phrase game is great for getting your brain in gear while drinking! The winner is the first person to decipher a nonsense phrase from the list of cards correctly. This is a great game to laugh at with your friends, and it can be played any time of the day or night. It can also be played before, after a meal, or after a long flight! Up to 20 people can play this game.

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Game variations

Buzzed is a fun game when you and your friends want fun but don’t want to spend the night in the bar. Designed for three to 20 players, each player takes turns drawing a card, reading it out loud, and drinking according to the prompt on the card. The card might be a “Vote,” which involves voting for the best answer to the question, “What’s the greatest thing you’ve ever done.” Or it might be a “Compete,” which is similar but with questions or challenges.

One of the more interesting aspects of this game is the number of variations. For instance, the “Horrible Smallest Card” is a card that has to be thrown out with a bang – it can be as big as a doorknob or a hula hoop! Another example is the “Boldest Cards.” This game uses a deck of oversized playing cards shuffled and dealt one at a time. Each card has a different theme and includes several fun and colorful prompts.

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