Check Your PNR Status Using the Best Online Railway Service Platform

PNR Status Using the Best Railway Service Platform

The most concerning thing about a trip for many train passengers is the PNR status. Though it’s a commonly used terminology, few understand what PNR means or how helpful it is for checking the progress of a ticket booking. A PNR holds details about your train trip and it store in the Indian Railways centralise database. Live PNR status also gives users clarity on whether or not they will receive an upgrade from their waitlisted position to a confirmed state.

Read more to learn about the significant role of IRCTC PNR numbers.


Understand the Ten-digit PNR Code

The abbreviation “PNR” refers to “Passenger Name Record.” Each traveller purchasing a railway ticket receives a distinct numeric code, called the PNR number. All your personal data and train-related itinerary details are enclose within this ten-digit PNR code. A ticket’s booking and present status get record in separate columns of an IRCTC PNR. Every train ticket has a unique identity denoted by a PNR code which is distinct for individual trips.

Your ticket have a PNR number of 10 digits regardless of how you get it; at a counter or online. Since each train have restrict number of berths, your ticket may likely end up on the waitlist (W/L) instead of being confirmed. When a customer cancels a ticket for a reserved seat, it opens up the prospect of confirmation of a waitlisted ticket. The new name for the current reservation state is “PNR status.”

Data You Can Find in a PNR Number

Following is the data about a passenger’s train trip enclose in a unique 10-digit PNR number:

  • Passenger information, including name, age, date of birth, and gender include in it.
  • Specifications on a train ticket usually include the train’s number and name, the departure time, the beginning and ending stations, the passenger’s class, the passenger’s seat number, and any applicable quotas.
  • The ticket cost, transaction method, and other financial information store in it.
  • Passenger Reservation System (PRS) is indicate the first three digits of a unique PNR code.
  • The first number of the train’s PNR designates the train’s starting station base on the train’s zone.

Locate the PNR Code on Train Tickets

A counter-booked ticket will have a ten-digit number in the upper left corner. If you buy your ticket through E-Ticket, the 10-digit number assigne list in a header row.Please note that while buying a group ticket, only six people can share a single PNR number.

Know the Various PNR and Waitlist Statuses

Checking a passenger’s name record (PNR) allows one to learn the current ticket status. If your ticket is on the waiting list, you can check the status of your reservation by entering the PNR number provided. When all other reserve ticket holders cancel it, the Indian Railways will process your purchase. After your ticket is upgraded to a reserved one, you’ll be able to choose your seat, coach, etc. With the PNR number, you may learn all of this and more.

Varieties of Waiting List Ticket Types

Here are some major waiting tickets categories you should know:

  • People on the General Waiting List(GNWL) have the best chance to be confirm.
  • Tatkal Waiting List (CKWL) tickets have a lower PNR confirmation probability than GNWL tickets.
  • The likelihood of a ticket confirmation via the Remote Location Waiting List(RLWL) is minimal.
  • Converting a waiting ticket into a reserved one is slightly less likely for those on the PQWL (Pooled Quota Waiting List).
  • Chances for Remote Location General Waiting List (RLGN) obtaining a confirmed ticket are slim.
  • Request Waiting List Tickets (RQWL) have the lowest confirmation odds compared to RLGN.
  • Confirmation from the Roadside Station Waiting List (RSWL) is extremely unlikely.

Learn about the Different PNR Statuses

Some of the abbreviations on a ticket or PNR status page may leave you scratching your head, and you may want to know what they mean. Here is a brief overview of a few such abbreviations:

  • CNF: It affirms you have a confirmed ticket.
  • RAC: It guarantees you a replacement if another passenger cancels their reservation. But you can still get on the train. It’s the short form of Reservation Against Cancellation.
  • Waiting list: Tickets for which no specific seating location has been determined are designated a waitlisted status(WL). When a previously reserved or confirmed ticket is cancelled by the original purchaser, it is confirmed. If the chart is made, and your IRCTC PNR status is still WL, you will not be allowed to board the train.
  • CAN: Abbreviation for Cancelled Ticket.

Methods for Verifying PNR Status

Following are the techniques to verify your PNR or waiting status:

  • Access any desktop browser to determine your latest PNR status.
  • Check the most updated reservation status using the SMS service. SMS PNR to 139.
  • Use Railway Enquiry Number- Call 139.
  • Get mobile applications on your phone to verify real-time PNR on the go.
  • Visit Railway enquiry counters.
  • Search on the final reservation charts.

View the IRCTC PNR Status on the Best Online Platform

A reserved ticket placed on a waiting list may get confirmed later. Waiting list tickets are the ones that is you get but not yet allott a specific berth. The waiting list ticket does not carry a coach or train seat number because there are no empty seats. You may get a confirmation status on a ticket on the waiting list up to the time the train departs. However, it depends on how many previously purchased tickets end up being cancelled or whether extra coaches will be appended to a train. Your 10-digit PNR number is enough to let you discover if your ticket has been confirmed.

Using RailMitra rail app‘s smart online resources you can instantly view the position of your waitlisted IRCTC rail ticket. To learn about your PNR status on RailMitra, input your 10-digit PNR number into the relevant field and click the Check PNR Status button.

In addition, you can check the likelihood that your waiting list tickets will be verified by using RailMitra PNR Status Prediction.

Advantages of PNR Enquiry through RailMitra’s Online Platform

A traveller’s itinerary on a train track in great detail, down to the individual seat number, the date of travel, the train number, the train name, the boarding station, the total amount payment, and more.

  • Your seat status (confirmed, waiting list, or available) update automatically.
  • You can also find out how many other passengers booking priority over you.
  • You are entitled to a full refund if your seat is not confirmed until just before the train chart is prepared.
  • You can modify your departure or arrival time on the final day of your trip with its assistance.
  • Using a railway food app such as RailRestro, you can reserve meals onboard a train in advance by entering your PNR number.
  • You can also look up the final IRCTC chart once its get update.

RailMitra is an AI-driven service platform commit to delivering train passengers a delightful trip every time they get on IRCTC train. It helps you with a bunch of train services like train timetables, live PNR status, train b/w station, train live station, and more. What’s more? You can even place your food on train orders through RailRestro, the authorised e-catering partner of RailMitra.

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