Easy Car Kids Drawing | Car Kids Drawing Tutorial

Easy Car Kids Drawing | Car Kids Drawing Tutorial

Kids Drawing may learn how to draw a straightforward automobile using the I’m Drawing With Kids guide. This step-by-step manual comprises nine straightforward sections and is especially aimed at beginning artists.

This video will go into great detail on how to sketch a basic car. Using this drawing tool, Kids Drawing can learn to draw both straight and curved lines.

Simple Car Drawing for Children

Every step in the drawing process only requires one easy action that everyone can pick up. Provide subtle hints to portray the following automobile component during the session properly.

The car is drawn humorously and has an odd shape. This particular car model was popular many years ago. However, such a car is now rare.


  • Coloring-related supplies, such as pencils, paper, and erasers

Kids enjoy playing with their toy automobiles. They typically have an insatiable appetite and crave them in various colors, shapes, and sizes. Why not take it a step further and teach your children to sketch one of their favorite toys by using our simple drawing instructions for a car?

Step-by-step Drawing a Car

We’ll start with wheels:

  • Draw two circles on the bottom half of the paper you are holding. Make sure there is adequate space between each circle because these will be our wheels.

Draw an automobile’s body:

  • A line should connect the two circles. At this time, the base of the automobile will have wheels attached. Make a rough design of your car’s body, then slowly draw a curved line connecting the left and right wheels.
  • Try seeing an automobile in your head to achieve the desired physical form.

Giving the Wheels More Information:

  • Let’s embellish our wheels with a few extra embellishments. Inside each wheel, draw a circle. The center of the wheel will be this. In the center of the circle you just formed, draw another circle.
  • Draw eight lines from the outside of the second circle to the center of the innermost circle. The rims on your wheels are now complete.

Think about the windows:

  • In the car’s interior, make two windows closer to the roof. Create an L shape and connect the ends with a curved line to do this. Follow these steps for two windows.
  • Draw a small, thin, elongated rectangle with two curved lines on the top and bottom to serve as your door handle under the window you just constructed.
    Turn on a backlight and some headlights to see.
  • Create an angled oval on the hood of the car. At the bottom of the first oval, draw a second one. Put another oval in the trunk of your car.

Establish a Scene:

  • Let’s sketch a basic layout of the road on which the car will travel. Make a line parallel to your wheels. The additional lines behind the car will complete your road. The lines that will serve as road lines should be placed between the larger rectangles.

To give it life, let’s give it some color:

  • Make its ink! To add richness to your car, we suggest using watercolor paint or colored pencils. A background can also be added with a gentle color wash. You should also sketch an automobile that way!

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