End of Tenancy Cleaning Oxford

End of tenancy cleaning Oxford has been the perfect solution for my end of tenancy needs. I recently used the service to clean a babysitting center, and was extremely pleased with the result.

Cleaners of end of tenancy cleaning Oxford

The end of tenancy cleaning Oxford team arrived promptly and were very professional and friendly. They took care of all aspects of end of tenancy cleaning, from vacuuming carpets and walls to windows, doors, and furniture.

We even had them do a thorough deep clean of the kitchen appliances to ensure everything was spotless. From start to finish they did an excellent job.


In addition to being fast and efficient, their end of tenancy cleaning service also included a wide range of services that covered everything from dusting shelves and baseboards to washing floors and polishing furniture.

They made sure no detail was left unturned so that when it came time for us to move out, we could do so knowing our property had been fully cleaned.

Discounts offered

Not only were their end of tenancy services top-notch, but they also offered a variety of additional services such as window cleaning, carpet shampooing, upholstery cleaning, pressure washing decks and patios, oven cleaning, refrigerator defrosting- all at very reasonable prices!

We even got a discount on our end of tenancy package because we agreed to use their services for more than one end-of-tenancy situation.

Cleaning of babysitting center

Overall I am incredibly happy with my experience using the end-of-tenancy cleaning Oxford for our baby sitting center cleanup project; they did an amazing job in record time which allowed us to carry out work quickly without any worries or stress about forgotten tasks or missed details!

Cleaning plants

My end of tenancy service experience with cleaners in Oxford was absolutely superb. Not only did they provide an outstanding end of tenancy cleaning service, but they also went above and beyond to clean the plants in my baby sitting center.

Not only this, but they also provided helpful tips for maintaining the plants in the future to ensure that they stay clean for longer.

Cleaning and sanitizing toys

My end of tenancy cleaning experience in Oxford was truly remarkable. The cleaners not only tidied up and removed all the dust and dirt from my baby sitting center, but they also thoroughly cleaned the stuffed toys that were present.

They worked quickly and efficiently, meticulously scrubbing each toy to ensure that it was absolutely spotless.

The cleaners did an incredible job cleaning toys, paying extra attention to every detail. They used special tools like brushes and vacuums to get into all the nooks and crannies of soft toys, making sure they removed any dirt or dust particles that had accumulated over time.

For hard toys, they made sure to scrub off any dirt or grime with special soaps and detergents, leaving them sparkly clean. They sanitized the toys to remove bacteria and germs.


Even the black board was not left untouched – it was carefully wiped down with a damp cloth so that no dust or dirt remained on its surface.

In addition to standard cleaning products such as a mop, bucket, and vacuum cleaner, they also brought a variety of specialized tools for removing stubborn stains or dirt on windows or walls that had been built-up over time.

Tables and chairs

All in all, my end of tenancy cleaning oxford service experience was beyond satisfactory – I am very pleased with how professional the cleaners were throughout the entire process.

they used a special cleaning solution designed for furniture – this efficiently removed any oil or grease stains that had built up over time without damaging the surface or finish of my furniture pieces.

Afterwards, they wiped down each piece with a damp cloth before proceeding to polish each piece until it sparkled like new again! By the end, my tables and chairs were looking better than ever – all thanks to their hard work and attention to detail.

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