Graphic Trends to Watch for in 2023

The post-pandemic world is full of chaos and witnessed rapid technological and social change. Short-form videos, illustrations, and designs disrupt the immovable feeds. With the web 3.0 advancements, the appetite to get a limitless online experience has gained great momentum. Furthermore, our busy and interconnected lives have made the inclusion of visuals a must.

The imaginative visions of the future hold a lot in its arms. The desire to break out from bubbles and see across the design boundaries has made the designers think more creatively. As 2023 is just knocking on the doors, freelance graphic designers and top graphic design services agencies are already geared up to welcome the new year with amazing visuals and innovative designs. In this article, we‘ll discuss a lot of some of the top trends in the graphic design world in 2023. So, read on and learn where you stand to welcome the upcoming trends.

Top 5 Graphic Design Trends That You Should Know For 2023

So, keep scrolling in order to learn what graphic design has in store for 2023.

Sans Serif Will Return With A Bang

The dominant sans serif is going to turn back again as a preferred typeface of graphic designers and web designers. However, serif logos have begun to reach a saturation point, which is the reason many designers are finding ways to add freshness to grotesque Swiss-style or geometric sans typefaces. Sans serifs not only pastor a neat, minimalist branding style, packaging, or other print designs but also enhances the accessibility on websites and various apps. Sans serif is going to play a dominant role in 2023 as many brands look for more accessible digital output.

The Dark Theme

Today, there are many apps and web browsers that allow users to switch between light and dark modes, but why? Because there are some aesthetic users who love to surf in a dark mode!

This is why the graphic design world is going to emphasize more on dark mode designs more in 2023, as it not just looks mysterious and dramatic but also provides a more comfortable user interface than colored or pale backgrounds. Therefore, the dark side will be the prime choice for graphic designers as it will bring tech-inspired moodiness to a wide array of designs which can be translated to print layouts in an effective manner.

Hand-Drawn Illustrations

Approximately 90% of online buyers support the thought that authenticity matters a lot when deciding which brand they should support. Many businesses and brands are utilizing custom illustrations as the best visual form to spice up their authenticity among customers. Moreover, hand-drawn art is the best way to deliver originality as it offers a unique and personal approach that most customers desire today.

The Adobe Trust Report states that 72% of customers decrease their trust and loyalty in brands with poor personalization. On the other hand, the right content and imaging have the ability to demonstrate understanding for consumers.

Custom visuals and illustrations are also the ones to stand tall among the competition as consumers of today are mainly Gen Z, who shows more interest in looking at custom art in place of stock photography.

Retro Line Art

It has been a long time since retro line art has been a popular trend in the graphic design world. This art uses simple and flat designs with clear and neat lines in order to create a bewitching and memorable design.

When it comes to attracting or grabbing the attention of an audience, this trend works quite well. Retro line art creates and delivers unique and memorable designs, making the target audience feel a certain emotion as they look at the marketing designs made with retro line art.

Motion Graphics

Video content is not new, but the use of video content for various fun and entertainment activities is new. Thanks to TikTok and the reel feature of Instagram, which enhances the popularity of video content.

Today, everyone is making the most out of the motion graphics trend, reposting their TikTok videos to YouTube shorts and Instagram reels. Well, it makes sense, as short-form videos can engage and inform viewers for a long time. Moreover, many brands’ Instagram pages use short-form videos and motion graphics to get into the eyes of the audience with creative 5 to 15 seconds of creative content.

Bottom Line

The graphic design trends for 2023 are an exciting chapter to read about the art evolution. As a medium for mass communication, graphic designs are tied to audience consciousness. Every graphic design trend offers a creative store.

Above all, the creative arts of 2022 and the upcoming year have given graphic designers more hope to create designs that appeal to the cool lads today. If you’re still in confusion and want to prepare yourself for the upcoming graphic design trends, then reach out to the best graphic design services companies like Kudos Cube who can help you with the latest and upcoming design trends

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