Hampta Pass trek: The best time to visit and complete:

hampta pass trek


The Hampta Pass trek is the most beautiful trek in Manali, Himachal Pradesh. The Hampta Pass trek is  called a moderate trek with various locations and scenarios at one time. The Hampta Pass trek has the majestic foothills on the Himalayas in the Pir Panjal Range. 

Departure schedule:

Reaching Delhi and leaving for Manali by Volvo bus or private car or any kind of four wheeler. It takes an overnight journey. Manali is called the adventure capital in India. 

Day 1 to start:  

Departing from Manali  which is 6000 ft to Jobra and then  start the next trek for Chika  which is 10100 ft.      

From Chika to Hampta pass:

After completing your breakfast, you will be ready from Manali to Jabra to start for the Chika. This will take approximately two hours. And you can see the famous Rani river during the journey which is situated in the middle of the big rocky mountains. This Hampta pass trek passes through the panoramic view sight. 

 Day 2 for the next:  

The next journey from Chika  to Balu ka Ghera is five hours away. 

The Balu ka ghera to Hampta Pass trek:

The next journey from Balu ka Ghera trek is a gradual journey.

Day 3  for the next: 

Balu ka Gera which is 11900 ft to Siagoru which is 12900 ft crossing  the Hampta Pass  which is14100 ft. 

From Siagoru to The Hampta Pass Trek:

The Siagoru is called the most spectacular part of this trek. When you are crossing the Hampta Pass, and then the site of Siaguru. Approximately it will take more than eight hours to reach Siaguru. The charming site of this part of the Hampta Pass trek will mesmerize you. 

Day 4 for the next:

 The Siaguru  which is 12900 ft to Chatru which is 11000 ft. It will take four hours  to reach ChandraTal.                 

From Chandratal to Hampta Pass Trek:

The next day on the journey you have an easy process through the Hampta Valley. The huge mountains of the Pir Panjal and the Spiti seem to cover the entire valley landscape till reaching the camp of Chatru. The Chatru is an influence point

paths from Rohtang Pass and Hamta Pass and Spiti. For the next, if weather and road conditions permit, head on to the Chandra ChandraTal camp site.

Day 5 for the next:

From Chandratal and Chatru to Manali via the Rohtang Pass.                

The Manali, starting point of the trek in Himachal:

The next early morning after finishing breakfast, you should leave for Manali via the Rohtang Pass. Here’s the end of the total journey. 

Things which you have to carry during this Hampta pass trek:

Trekking Shoes, rucksack/backpack, rucksack cover (must be waterproof), daypack/knapsack, thermal wear, one pair undergarments, cotton socks 2 or 3 pair, woolen socks 1 pair and gloves and waterproof gloves also, t shirt 3 or 4, camp sandal 1 pair, 

woolen cap, sun cap, wide brimmed hat, one walking stick, one pair heavy jacket Or windproof jacket, waterproof clothes, water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen lotion, chapStick, toothbrush and toothpaste, towel, soap or soap strips, hand sanitizer, tissue roll, antifungal powder, knee cap, torch, head lamp( with extra battery), camera, some dry foods, first aid kit, 

Difficulties of this Hampta Pass-Trek:

The Hampta Pass-Trek is a quite challenging trek. 

This total trek depends on some weather factors. 

In the best condition it is good to trek there. And in the noisy weather you may find some difficulties during this trek. From the guide you will be safe  in the tough conditions. On the first trek it will cover a maximum of 7-8 kilometers which may not be that much sufficient to reach your destiny. All the trekkers must be well prepared  for the challenges both mentally and physically. 

The best time for Hampta pass trek is  between June and till September mid. The all crossover trek for the charming moon lake  and also the Chandratal starts from July onwards. 

There are vast landscapes in this Hampta Pass trek. And a mythical moon lake. The Hampta pass trek is a beauty itself for its various scenes. And the iconic trek is the most famous for the valley. If you want to enjoy the middle of nature on your own, the Hampta pass is called a dream land for everyone. It’s an unforgettable trek. This Hampta pass trek is full of new things and full of adventure. 

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