How to Know Whether Your Stone Crabs Are Fresh Or Not?

When it comes to your food, we are not ready to make any sort of compromises, and therefore, we want you to know the correct aspect of serving your seafood. We all agree on the fact that all the sea food should be consumed when they are fresh and coming straight from the water.

 However, when you are trying to take Florida stone crab claws to another state and want to have them frozen. One of the most important aspects that it involves is the addition of preservatives which makes the stone crab claws desirable and eatable for a longer period of time.

If you are looking to get Florida stone crab delivery services, you should look out for some of the reputable and reliable names in the business. Who has been serving the best seafood in town?

Here are some of the aspects that will let you know whether the delivery service is offering you fresh crabs or they are only promising them to be fresh, but the true picture is otherwise.


For all those people who are seafood fan and loves to indulge in stone crab-related recipes, one of the top tip that we have gathered from the market is to check up on the sheen and shine of the crab’s shell.

The shining and glistening glow on the shell indicates the freshness of the stone crab claw.

On the other hand, those ones which have been preserved in the refrigerator without any artificial preservative will lose their shine and glow.

Meat Texture:

The texture of the meat is an important indicator that guides you about the fresh crab stone. Suppose you are able to peel off the skin of the crab easily from the skin. There are chances that the texture of the meat is fresh and bought to the market directly from the waters.

If the struggle is real and you have a difficult time managing to cut out the skin, it certainly means that there has been a mistake in identifying the fresh crab claw from the market.

The juiciness:

If you have cooked the crab right and also taken care of the tenderness of the meat while cooking and the meat still turns out to be dry and dead. It means that the meat wasn’t fresh, and you have been misguided about the selection of the true stone crab claw.

On the other hand, if you have just taken the perfect bite of the meal and realized the true core juiciness of the meat. It helps you to learn about the right, and fresh meat served to your doorstep.

Purchasing from reliable resources:

There are a number of online stores and delivery services in Florida that offer fresh Stone crab claw in the market. But when you are investing in your favourite seafood, it requires lots of diligence and trust.

It is essential to look up the reviews of the customers and read about the experience of the clients to know whether or not they are satisfied with their services or not. If you have come across a number of positive reviews, then only they are considered to be worthy enough for your purchase.

Allowing you to get your hands on some of the best Crab meat in town. However, if you are relying on crab meat from the market, then make sure to check up on the above-mentioned points that allow you to look up the right meat in the market.

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