How To Make The Best Electronics Buys During Black Week?

How To Make The Best Electronics Buys During Black Week?

As Black Week approaches, all the Finnish electronics stores and webshops are starting to launch their campaigns. 

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of Black Friday. If you prepare well for this shopping extravaganza, you can get the best deals and don’t miss out on any deals. Have a look at our tips and you are sure to ace Black Friday this year. It’s advisable to check out deals on websites for especially good deals.

Timing and preparation are key

Try to time your purchases for Black Friday. You’re bound to save money by shopping during Black Friday. Try to avoid making big purchases at the beginning of October, as prices are likely to be lower during Black Week.

Think about what you need and want to buy, and get your shopping list ready. You can get started with your Christmas presents and make some good deals by thinking ahead. You can find almost anything in electronics on offer, from phones to televisions and laptops.

Check the prices

Think first about what you want to buy and check what the product normally costs. Some shops may display an artificially high normal price during promotions. The consumer laws in Finland prohibit this. The law has changed so that the lowest selling price for the previous 30 days must be displayed for the product on offer. 

Best Electronics Buys During Black Week

To speed up your shopping, find out where you can buy the product you want. Of course, you can’t plan for everything, and on Black Friday you may encounter offers that are too good to pass on. Have your credit card or another payment method ready

Most of the time, when you are shopping online or in brick-and-mortar shops, you pay by credit card. Check that you have enough credit left to make your purchases. Make sure you have your online bank codes ready. Some credit cards also require online banking verification.

In Finland, many people use online banking to pay from their accounts, without using their credit cards.  

Most online shops will not reserve products until you have paid for them. Be sure to act quickly, especially with items that will sell out. Many online shops also allow you to pay with a Klarna invoice. In that case, you pay when you have received the product you ordered. If you want to get a phone and you are on a budget, you can check whether the product you want is available from your phone operator. The operators often even offer Black Friday deals with interest-free financing.

Be early and vigilant

On Black Friday, the most sought-after products are often the first ones to sell out. Black Week -campaigns start in many shops at midnight before Friday. Some web stores start their campaigns on the morning of Black Friday. Be sure to check in advance when your favorite shops start their sales. If you plan to shop in web stores outside of Finland,  take the time difference into account. 

It’s worth noting that this year the availability of certain items in the electronics segment will be lower than usual as there is a chip shortage in electronics. There have been delays and availability issues getting some products from other parts of the world to Finland. This makes it even more important to be on time and to grab the deal as soon as a good offer comes your way.

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