I want to learn how to drive a car. How to choose a good driving school?

Driving School

What do they teach in driving school? 

There are several learning stages of a driving school. Firstly, traffic rules and basic knowledge about the device of the car. Secondly, the skills of management and movement in the traffic flow of different intensity. Thirdly, the choice of a suitable route and consideration of risk factors. Fourthly, the ability to assess the behavior of pedestrians and drivers and predict the situation on the road.

Are the classes taught in groups or individually?

The idea is often studied in a group of 10–20 persons. Also, each student drives privately with a teacher. 56 hours of driving instruction and 134 hours of theory make up the programme that has been approve by the Ministry of Education. But no two people are the same. Therefore, it would be better if the driving school offers an individual approach to students. For instance, they are permit to attend missed lectures with a different group, go through a challenging subject on their own with the instructor, or put in extra driving time (and at no extra charge).

Maybe just choose a driving school closer to home or work? 

Please! However remember that schools that feature nearly all of the city’s divisions all at once in their contacts list frequently deceive their kids. As a result, it is important to confirm the school’s licence and the traffic police’s assessment of conformity with the information stated. And the address of the school must be enter in the database of the traffic police website .The school must specify the conditions of instruction, the number of hours of training, the location of instruction, its price, and the payment strategy in the contract it has reach with you. Pay close attention to the commitments the school makes after completion as well. For instance, find out if a representative from the driving school will join you to the traffic police exam.

Okay, what else is worth paying attention to before starting training?

Examining the school’s training facility is important. If it is list in the database, it means the facility is approve and suitable for lessons. The facility’s address should also be provided on the traffic police website. The school’s fleet of vehicles should also be assess; they must be in good shape. It’s advantageous if international vehicles with both manual and auto gearboxes are accessible.

It would be useful to talk to those who are already undergoing training. Or at least read reviews on the Internet. Yet enrolling in a trial class is the best course of action. If the driving school enables you do perform the traffic police exam on your own property. It is a huge plus. Such an opportunity, for example, is provided by the “University Driving School”. 

And what about prices in driving schools? 

If you want to actually learn how to drive a car and not just prepare for the traffic police exam. Training will run you roughly 35–40 thousand rupees. Several driving schools give students or people who bring a friend discounts. Discounts of 50% or greater, however, are usually purely for marketing purposes. For that kind of money, they will either not teach you anything properly. Or they will torture you with additional payments.

Just in case, before signing the contract, specify the cost of possible additional classes. The price of submitting a car for an exam at the traffic police, paperwork and other additional services.

Who will teach me how to drive? Mind you, I can’t stand being yelled at!

The teachers never yell at or treat the pupils badly. Nonetheless, the student can easily switch instructors if the two are psychologically incompatible. Additionally, there are instances where the instructor hands the student off to a coworker. All of these situations are uncommon; a skilled teacher would constantly look for a way to connect with the pupil.

Where do these instructors come from? Are they trained somewhere?

Most of the current instructors are self-taught, and there are no state-recommended training of instructors programs. A driver’s licence and a paper proving the ability to learn, both of which are simple to obtain in a few weeks, are all that are required to become a teacher.

Moreover, renowned experts occasionally provide talks in educational settings. For instance, Author of traffic police examination tickets, anchor of the Main Road show on NTV, and other Safe Driving Academy participants.

I have a very busy schedule at work. How may it be combined with instruction at a driving academy?

Look for a driving school that offers early morning, late night, or weekends lesson times. It is good if the student can make his own convenient schedule, and listen to the missed lectures with another group or arrange an individual lesson.

I don’t particularly enjoy working at a desk. Maybe you can take a theoretical course on remote work?

It’s possible. The “University Driving School” has an online theory course . It comprises of live YouTube broadcasts of webinars. Also, there are online quizzes, free eBooks, videos, course notes, and tickets. You will only have to come to classes with a psychologist, where physiological parameters are measured, and with doctors who teach first aid.

Fine. Are driving licenses issued immediately after graduation?

No, you still have to pass the exam in the traffic police. But after graduating from a driving school, you are required to issue a certificate of vocational training and assignment of the profession of a driver. Without it, you will not be allowed to take the exams. Such a certificate is indefinite – that is, it is issued once and for life. The main thing is that it was issued no earlier than 2014.

They say that they fall on the exam. What actions should I take in this circumstance?

Nobody falls down on purpose. The problem is different: the methods are outdated, and the driver’s skills are assessed very formally – not from the point of view of safety, but by how well he knows the traffic rules and is able to observe all their nuances. In urban realities, this is almost impossible to do. As a result, if a student, for example, exceeds the speed by 1 km / h, points are deducted for this – and he may not pass the exam. Today, public organizations are trying to achieve a revision of the rules for taking exams. But until this happens, you need to try to work out the exam route to automatism. 

I dream of learning to drive not only a car, but also a motorcycle. Can I study in both categories at once?

Yes. For example, in  the “University Driving School” you can get training category B (cars), A1 (light motorcycles) and A (heavy motorcycles). Getting two categories at once is more profitable than separately: you can take a single basic theoretical course and attend additional lectures on the basics of the device and control of a motorcycle, saving money and time.

I haven’t driven in a very long time. Will they help me regain my skills? 

Yes, sure. There are special courses for this. In  the “University Driving School” you can take classes on working out parking, driving on high-speed roads, work out individual routes (for example, from home to work). There are also programs to improve driving skills: they teach you to correctly predict situations and concentrate on dangerous factors, to avoid attention errors associated with automatism that has developed over the years. And as part of the advanced training courses for drivers, there are separate lectures for those who are going to drive abroad by car.

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