Induction Cooking—Here’s Why You Should Make The Switch

A majority of the people are accustomed to using conventional gas stoves for cooking. Even though they are aware of the advanced induction technology, they are still hesitant to make the shift. This hesitation could be because they are not aware of the innumerous advantages of induction cooktops. Since they have no hands-on experience with using an induction stove, they fail to understand how beneficial it can be. 

Gradually, an increasing number of people are switching to induction technology to gain from its unique benefits over conventional cooking methods. However, to help the vast majority of them make a move to this advanced cooking technology, we have put together a list of reasons why they should make the switch to induction cooking. 

Faster Cooking

This is one of the main reasons why people are gradually shifting to induction cooking. Faster cooking is no doubt the topmost USP of induction stove. The reason behind this is quite simple. 

Since there’s no heat transfer through a conductor (such as flames in gas stoves or electric burners in electric stoves), it is directly transferred to the pan, which in turn heats up quicker. This is due to the electromagnetic induction, which triggers an electromagnetic activity in the utensil causing it to heat up fast. On an average, you can save up to 25% to 50% cooking time.  

Since heat transmission is direct to the pan, there is no dissipation into the surroundings, which means the kitchen stays cooler. This is yet another benefit of using induction stoves. 

Energy Efficient

When we say induction cooktops help with faster cooking, it directly translates to energy conservation as well. Since heat is directly transferred to the pan without any kind of dissipation into the surroundings, it is highly energy efficient and can help you save significantly on your monthly electricity bill. Consumption of lesser energy means reduced carbon footprint. Moreover, there’s no release of harmful gases like carbon monoxide or formaldehyde into the environment, thus being good for the environment.

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Precise Control

This is one of the best parts of using an induction stove. You can have precise control over the temperature. This is useful especially when you are following recipes that need precise temperature control. You don’t have to guess how high the flame should be for a particular temperature requirement as is the case with gas stovetops. This ensures consistent results each time. 

Safe to Use

While using induction cooktops, you don’t have to worry about safety as in the case of gas leakage or open flames with gas cooktops or open coils in electric stoves. Just a bare hand placed wrongly, a little grease or loose clothes can cause serious accidents with the other conventional cooking methods. This is not the case with induction stoves. Further, the cooking surface of induction cooktops cool down quickly and the probability of accidents is reduced. 

Easy to Use 

This is one of the main reasons why many people have started shifting to induction cooking. Induction cooktops are very easy to use. All that you need to do is place the pan and turn on the stove with the desired setting on the conveniently positioned touch panel. Most stoves come with a preset menu having various options like boil milk, curry, roti/dosa, fry, rice, and keep warm. You can easily select from this or use the manual mode for personalised settings. 

With these many reasons, it can be easily seen why induction stoves should have their place in every kitchen. It should undoubtedly be one of the must-have cooking appliances in every kitchen for enhanced comfort and convenience.

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