Make your Tobacco Brand Stand Out with our Empty Cigarette Boxes


Custom empty cigarette boxes are quite a in demand. Its unique key features make it a popular packaging style.

Apart from being eye-catching, it provides top-notch protection for cigarettes. It prevents them from getting moist or stale.

Plus, we recommend using durable stock to extend the shelf life of cigarette boxes. Several packaging elements must be kept in mind while customizing the boxes.

So this blog will highlight points that will set apart your tobacco brand. Are you excited? Let go!

Durable custom empty cigarette boxes

Do you know they are also known as custom empty cigarette boxes? Yes, and you can customize them in red, white, black, or any other color.

It adds an X factor to the boxes and differentiates it from the other cigarette brands. Hence it grabs the customer’s attention and convinces them to look at your packaging.

But on top of that, the quality material matters the most. And that’s the one thing that counts in the long run.

So kraft and cardboard stock adds strength and sturdiness to the boxes. And it keeps the cigarettes safe during transit, loading, and unloading.

Proper sized custom empty cigarette boxes

What cigarette box size do you want? Large or small?

You can pick any size or style, but it needs to be designed in an accurate size. Our cutting-edge technology and machinery manufacture the right-size cigarette packaging.

As a result, the custom box is a perfect fit for cigarettes. And it prevents the squeezing or scattering of the tobacco wraps.

Hence it makes the boxes handy and reduces packaging waste.

Eco-friendly packaging

Several design elements contribute to successful packaging. However, with time the definition of quality packaging has changed.

Now brands and customers prefer attractive, functional, yet sustainable packaging. And for that, kraft and cardboard are the best stock.

It’s durable, affordable, and 100% biodegradable. And it requires no chemical decomposition process. Hence it cuts the clean-up cost and keeps the environment clean.

However, you can opt for corrugated material for shipping bulk-quantity cigarette boxes. It is thick-walled and protects the shipment against shock, heat, and physical damage.

As a result, the boxes reach their destination

Cigarette packaging with custom inserts

Custom dividers are more or less used in every packaging. It adds a secondary protective layer and improves the strength of the boxes.

And it creates a safe space to house the cigarettes. On top of that, it improves the consumer’s unboxing experience.

You can customize the inserts in kraft or cardboard stock. Moreover, you can order plain or custom printed. In a nutshell, the design, color, and print options are endless.

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Wholesale empty cigarette packaging

Do you want to keep your tobacco business on the go? Are you tired of reordering?

Order wholesale empty cigarette boxes. It saves fuel and labor costs. And overall increases the productivity of the workforce.

And the best part? It saves you from reordering, tracking and waiting for shipment to arrive.

Moreover, the more you order, the less you pay! Hence it is an amazing way to get quality packaging at affordable rates.

Why choose us?

We manufacture quality custom cigarette boxes at the best price. Our flexible policies let you order a minimum (100) or maximum (unlimited) quantity. Plus, iCustomBoxes offers seasonal deals and discounts to clients.

And for our customer’s satisfaction, we share a digital mockup (videos and images). And if the design needs any changes, our in-house graphic designers are happy to help!

Do you want to explore our versatile box design, print, and color options? Visit, scroll down, and discover amazing services at the best rate.

Lastly, our sales representatives are available to assist you at each step. Feel free to connect via email, call, or live chat.

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