Mattress Bags – Your Guide to Transporting Your Mattress


Mattress bags are commonly used to enclose sleep sets for transport. Part of maintaining your mattresses and sleep sets includes making sure that they are well-protected during your move. You wouldn’t want dirt and moisture to build up on your mattress during moving, as cleaning it can be a huge and unnecessary hassle on your part. Getting quality bags should be able to help solve this problem.

For many consumers, moving mattresses is one of the most stressful parts of packing and transferring to a new home. For one, mattresses are quite bulky. If you’re one of those people who own king-sized beds, you’ll understand how difficult it can be to transport the whole thing, especially if you have narrow hallways and doors. Fortunately, bigger mattresses have box springs separated so the unit can be divided in two for easier mobility.


Mattress bags come in different sizes that are made to follow the standard mattress sizes. You can easily find twin, full queen and king bags from your local department store or online shops. The problem is whether you have a custom-made mattress or one of those larger standards, such as the California King or Olympic Queen. You’ll probably have to look further to find an appropriate bag that can hold these sizes.

Some manufacturers usually offer mattress bags in a set. A separate bag is provided for the box spring. But if this is not the case, you will want to make sure that you order another bag beforehand to save you from the hassle of not having enough packing supplies for your move.

Buying bags

As a general rule, you will want to get bags according to the number of mattresses you must pack. However, getting two more in excess is always a good idea to ensure you have enough for the move. Always check for the quality of the packing bags. A good mattress bag should be made of heavy-grade polyethylene to efficiently protect your sleep set from soil, dust and water damage. You will also want to opt for a bag that can easily be slipped on and off the mattress for easy packing and unpacking.

Aside from the dimensions of your mattress, pay close attention to the maximum thickness a mattress bag can handle. This will also have to vary. Some bag products are only able to handle small mattresses. Familiarize yourself with your mattress dimensions so you can never go wrong with selecting the appropriate mattress bags.

On the whole, mattress bags can serve as your mattress’s best friend, especially when moving, so you must carefully consider your choices. Warehouses usually carry a line of mattress-packing products, but if you’re in a hurry, you can always browse for possibilities online. Just make sure you transact with reputable dealers to ensure you’re getting good value for your money.

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