The Story of Asim Jofa Collections and its Glamorous Designs

Asim Jofa collections is one of the most loved women’s clothing brands in Pakistan. Over the years it has succeeded in a strong customer base which trusts the brand. The brand caters to all kinds of clothing including formal, semi-formal, casual and western wear. The everyday clothing has subtle embroidery and can be worn on a day to day basis. Whereas the formal or semi-formal clothes have detailed embroidery on it. These kinds of dresses are perfect to wear to a party or friend’s meetup. The main clothing base of Asim Jofa is eastern clothing but you can also find western clothes as well. The western clothes include dresses in different cuts and designs. All eastern clothing by Asim Jofa collections are available at Raja Sahib online. RS is a retail platform which serves to provide you with all original brands clothes at one place.

Newly Released Summer Clothes | Asim Jofa Collections

As a big clothing brand, Asim Jofa provides the customers with ready to wear, unstitched, bottoms and western dresses. The dresses come with embroidered work, print or an intermix of both. When the dress has embroidery and print, both, then one thing has to be subtle. This is so that both of them are not overpowering each other. For the summer of 2023, a two and three piece unstitched Rania collection is released. This collection has a lot of articles in it with a wide range of color palette. From dark to light to subtle shades, almost every color is available. You can wear this clashing colour scheme of black, red, beige and multiple other colors to create an ethnic pattern. The front and back of the dresses are also expertly constructed with a combination of paisley and floral designs.

Asim Jofa Clothing | Perfect Collections to Style on Summer Parties

Asim Jofa has multiple collections released in winters and in summers. The collections are divided into two: pret and unstitched collections.

Pret Essentials by Asim Jofa

The pret essentials for the summer season also come in three and two-pieces. The colors are subtle shades of dark and light. It has embroidery on the neckline, sleeves and the borders. If the dress color is dark then the embroidery is light and if the dress is light is color then the embroidery is dark. Burgundy dress stood out among the rest of the designs. You will shine bright in this gorgeous burgundy outfit with subtle embroidery on the front and sleeves. The dress includes straight pants to complete the daytime appearance.

Asim Jofa Formal Wedding Collection

The Mehr-o-Mah collection is a formal collection which uses chiffon as its main fabrication. It is an unstitched collection with embroidered details on the dresses. The favorite for us is AJM-11 which is an all-white dress. You can shine this summer wedding season in this snow-colored outfit. The white dress looks beautiful and has been styled as white angrakha.

Asim Jofa Western Wear Dresses

The western dresses by Asim Jofa have an abundance of beautiful and stylish selections of outfits. The maxi dress has flared features with exquisite layers, a pinched waist, pleated gathering around the waist and other designs.

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