The Top 10 Platformers for Android and iOS

The platforming game genre has produced a large number of iconic games. Here are the top 10 platform games that you can download on your phone and play.

Platform games have always been popular. The 2D perspective permits difficult jumps and movements, which are frequently quite irritating. Even though this video game genre has a long history, it continues to be quite popular. Even platform games are now playable directly from your phone.

We are here to assist you if you need assistance navigating the app store on your phone. Some of the top platform games for mobile devices are included in this list. You can choose any game that appears fascinating because they are all available on both iOS and Android.

Top 10 Platformers: Dead Cells

Dead Cells consistently appears on lists, and for good cause. In this roguelike-Metroidvania, you play as the “Prisoner,” and your goal is to battle your way across the island setting to take out the game’s monster.

Combat in this game is referred to be “Souls-lite”. In essence, this means that Dead Cells is a bit more forgiving than titles like Dark Souls. Ultimately, Dead Cells’ roguelike mechanic will keep you interested.

Top 10 Platformers: Super Mario Run

It’s difficult to discuss platformers without bringing up Mario. With the inclusion of Super Mario Run, which is accessible on mobile devices, this legendary series is full of classic platform games. In this game, Mario is always running, and you are in control of him.

You can jump up to get coins while avoiding attackers by pressing the screen. Super Mario Run’s simplicity makes it possible to play pretty much anyplace. You may pull out your phone and play wherever you are without setting aside a specific amount of time.

Top 10 Platformers: Terraria

The following game is Terraria. Compared to other items on our list, this is a little unique. Terraria, a 2D version of Minecraft with a little more direction, was first made available for PC in 2011. The base of your dreams can be constructed on the surface, and you can also delve far into the Underworld to face off against perilous foes.

In Terraria, there are a ton of bosses, each in a different area. You will therefore need to get ready and leave with your equipment in order to locate (or summon) the boss. In general, platformers and sandbox game aficionados should play Terraria.

Top 10 Platformers: Dan The Man

In the video game Dan the Man, your objective is to go through each level by eliminating all adversaries in your path. Several people compare Dan the Man to Geometry Dash games like Punch Quest, an infinite runner where your goal is to punch as many foes as you can.

Dan the Man excels in its straightforward run and attack gameplay without any bloated extras. Even if this game has commercials, it’s worthwhile to make the modest in-app payment to get rid of them.

Top 10 Platformers: Oddmar

The story of Oddmar centers on the titular character’s journey to gain Valhalla’s acceptance. Although this app isn’t fully free, many players rank it as one of the best mobile platform games. With breathtaking surroundings and slick movement, the art design is captivating enough to keep you interested.

You’ll be happy to discover that Oddmar takes influence from Rayman if you’re a fan of the video game. Oddmar is the ideal portable solution because Rayman isn’t accessible on iOS or Android.


The name “Dadish” is a combination of the words “dad” and “radish,” the protagonist of the story. You must locate his tiny radish offspring in the game after they vanished. This straightforward and adorable platformer also has a surprisingly heartwarming plot.

Play Dadish 2 as well if the first game, Dadish, won your heart. Our radish father took his children to work in this follow-up, where they once more go missing. These games are brief and pleasant overall, making for a memorable experience.


Platform games have been advanced by Levelhead so that you can now create your own and distribute it to others. You will be given the responsibility of creating hard and enjoyable platform levels while working for the Bureau of Shipping.

You can kill time by creating courses and playing those created by other players. If you decide to create your own, you will be able to observe the number of people who attempt it and their completion times.

Sword Of Xolan

A platformer and an RPG are mixed in Sword of Xolan. The game boasts straightforward pixel art graphics and a ton of information for you to explore.

There are a total of 30 stages to play, divided into acts with three “End of Act” monsters and scores of other minor foes. Sword Of Xolan is unquestionably a great platformer that brings back memories of the NES and SNES.

Super Mombo Quest

Super Mombo Quest is a demanding Metroidvania game with hundreds of locales for you to explore and formidable adversaries to face, despite its humorous appearance.

Super Meat Boy and Celeste, two other outstanding platformers, are comparable to Super Mombo Quest. Super Mombo Quest offers equally wonderful music to go along with its incredible pixel graphics as you explore Subrosa.

Geometry Dash

The last game is Geometry Dash. As a 2013 release, this game is older. In the rhythm-based infinite runner Geometry Dash, you take on the role of a little shape and advance through a level that is chock-full of challenges.

The background music acts as a “guide,” with numerous taps matching the beat of the music. You can create your own levels if you’ve got enough of dancing through them all. Similar to Levelhead, you may design levels for others to play and play those made by people all around the world.