Things to do before the first skill training at the driving school

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The first skill training session after entering the driving school is probably the most exciting for you, too.

“What kind of instructor will teach me?” “What is my driving like? “

So today, I would like to talk to you about how to prepare in advance so that you can welcome your first technical training in a relaxed state.

First of all, in a conclusion, practice the “correct way to turn the steering wheel” for both AT and MT vehicles. In addition, it is very important to understand in advance, “Who the hell is a clutch?”

At the driving school, in the first skill period, a simulated driving device (a device with a monitor in front of the driver’s seat, similar to a driving game) is used to conduct a simulated experience, and some schools even ride on actual vehicles from the second period. I think it’s a lot, but please think of the first skill training I’m talking about today as the first “actual vehicle” training.

What do you do for your first skill training?

Getting in and out of the car, explaining the driving device, adjusting the seat and mirrors, and so on, but I think the thing that will finish your worries the most is driving in driving school with an Automatic car instructor in Birmingham.

What you practice in the first period is centered around “starting and stopping,” “acceleration and deceleration,” and “running around curves” (+ “gear change” for MT cars).

In my lessons, I first practice starting and stopping in a space on the course, and when I can do that properly, I go out to the outer course and practice driving around curves (+ gear change for MT cars). I was.

Whether or not you can decide on a starting dash in the first lesson will have a big impact on how you progress after that, so I would like you to study the points I will talk about next and hope for the lesson!

Especially good to prepare

In the first skill training automatic driving lesson Birmingham, there are a lot of students in driving school who have a hard time turning without sticking out of the lane.

Especially in the case of MT vehicles, it is difficult to concentrate on practicing gear changes if the steering wheel operation is not stable.

It’s very effective to prepare well for the points I’m going to raise from now on!

How to turn the handle

It is especially recommended to practice “the correct way to turn the steering wheel” at home in advance.

This is because the way you turn the steering wheel is very easy to get used to, and if you get into the habit of turning it wrong at first, you will have a hard time correcting it later.

Therefore, in my training in driving school, if I was not able to turn the wheel correctly, I would stop the car once in a space on the course and have them concentrate on practicing the steering wheel, and have them correct it as soon as possible.

Taking turns

However, if that is the case, the running time will naturally be shorter, and it will be difficult to grasp the feeling of turning a curve.

To prevent this from happening, you can practice how to turn the steering wheel correctly while watching driving instruction books and reference videos at home. Recommended.

In the first technical training session, many people drive with their chin raised and their line of sight closer, only looking at the ground near their car.

If you usually ride a car or motorcycle in driving school, it is also effective to check the line of sight when you are driving the car or motorcycle.

A car is a vehicle that is faster than a bicycle, so if your eyes are closer than when you are riding a bicycle, you cannot drive well.

Drive in a straight line

Where do you look in a straight line when riding a car? Where do you look when you turn a curve or intersection? Please check in advance and learn this in driving school.

The half-clutch is the most important point to proceed smoothly in future lessons, so in the case of my lessons, I often spent most of my time on “start and stop” for my first skill.

Depending on whether or not you understand that point, the image you have when you practice will change a lot.

If you stumble with a half-clutch, you’ll be late for lessons in a driving school, so be careful!

Also, if you have more time, you can learn the correct foot movements when starting, stopping, and changing gears from a driving textbook, etc., and do image training while moving your feet. !

Beware of things left behind

During the first skill training, many people forget things because they have not grasped the basics yet.

If you forget something, you will not be able to take the lesson for the day itself, or you will enter the lesson with a rushed feeling, which often affects your driving, so be careful!


In particular, if you are going to take driving lessons in a driving school on the way home from school or work, please pay close attention to your footwear.

On the day of the training, be careful to wear sneakers from the beginning or prepare a separate pair of sneakers for driving.

Sneakers (converse or vans type shoes) with soles that are not too thick and have a uniform sole thickness from toe to heel are recommended because they make it easier to get a feel for the pedals!

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