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Cooperation with a private Tutor costs several thousand a month. Annually, the amount is counted in lakhs – it’s a lot of money!

You want to finally take care of English and find to help you and go on the browser and there are lot of offers. How to get caught up in all this? How to choose a person with whom you will not waste time and money? I suggest.

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Tutor Search


Experience is not equal to experience!

You can often find in the advertisements of tutors the slogan that someone has 10 years of experience in Tutoring Lahore.

But what does that mean?

Let’s compare two examples: first-person and Second person. The first person, as a student, has been tutoring occasionally for five years as an additional source of income and usually has one or two hours of classes a week. He doesn’t need more because his parents support him.

On the other hand, we have a Second person, who started tutoring two years ago. But after a year it turned out that she is great and “turned professional. In the first year, she had an average of 10 hours a week.

So who has more experience? The first person in the advertisement can boldly write that he has 5 years of experience and it will be true. But in fact, you would rather have lessons in the Second person. Because in fact, she has more experience, only that she gained it in a shorter period.
Therefore, the slogan that someone has 10 years of experience in the tutoring market says nothing. You have to rely on other types of information.

If someone is good at everything, then they (most likely) suck

Would you like your group to operate on your heart? I assume you’d rather have a heart surgeon. And it’s the same here too.

So if someone in the advertisement writes that he teaches English, mathematics, physics, and chemistry. What is more, he prepares for the eighth-grader exam and the final exam, all language tests, conducts conversation courses. Also specializes in business, medical, technical, military and IT languages, plus he makes pots and sings in the choir, then you know that something is wrong here.

A given teacher then does not have time to delve properly into any of these areas. The level of implementation of the learning process in each of them will simply be at a very basic level.
In addition, such a wide offer may also indicate that a given tutor has problems with acquiring and retaining clients. Therefore needs to expand the offer to increase the chance of finding anyone.
Therefore, if it is possible at all and our needs are not very niche, it is worth aiming at specialization.

The idea of ​​learning is the basis of science

Before you start cooperation with your potential O-level Tutors in Lahore, it is worth asking him how he imagines your cooperation and how he intends to help you achieve your language goals.

And listen carefully to his answer. Ask clarifying questions. On their basis, try to answer the question of whether your potential teacher has a reasonable idea for learning. The standard approach of most tutors (especially those with a lower rate. It is to find a good lead book and simply go over it with the student. This is the so-called “school method”.

Tutor Search

Tutor Search

Can you teach a language this way? Well, I think… something like that, but it’s far from ideal.

Learning is then not very individualized and it is also just boring. Going through the readings from the book doesn’t help you talk much. You don’t remember the material you studied at the beginning of the year after a few months and you have to learn it again.

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