10 Tips To Follow If You Are Riding Motorcycle On The Highway

Biker riding motorcycle on the highway can make for an experience that none other can match. The wind against your face and the speed rush add to the charm. It is exhilarating and daunting at the same time. For first-timers, it is imperative to follow certain tips.

These tips while riding motorcycle will help the bikers stay safe and alert. Since the highway is scary, it gets flanked by big vehicles, like trucks and travel buses. The bike might find it difficult to navigate such traffic. It is very different from the city traffic. However, following these tips will help to a great extent.

While out on the highway, using touring bike accessories is necessary. One always has to have prepared for an emergency. 

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What Are The 10 Tips To Follow If You Are Riding Motorcycle On The Highway?

  1. Be Aware When You Enter The Highway

Riding motorcycle on the highway can test your bike-riding skills at times. It can become a challenge if one is unfamiliar with the effects of high-speed riding or the whistling wind of the cars and other vehicles going past you. When entering the highway, be aware of a few things. 

Firstly, when merging into the highway, match the speeds of the other bikes and cars around you. Bikes have good acceleration, so this is easy. It is safe to do a double check- once in the mirror. The second time, turn your head to check if you have enough time and space to enter the highway. It will ensure you are not in the blind spot of any car. 

Use your turn signals when you are getting on the highway. It will increase your visibility to other drivers. Use the blinkers to notify your presence.

  1. Recognise The Blind Spots

 Make sure to know where your blind spots lie. You have more visibility on a bike than in a car. But you cannot turn your head around 360°. So, stay out of the blind spots, i.e., where your vision cannot reach. Maintain distance between your bike and others’ cars and bikes.

  1. It Is Safe To Move Faster Than The Usual Traffic

When riding a motorcycle on the highway the first few times, you may feel safe riding at a moderate pace. That is okay. With time, however, you will realise that it is much safer for motorcycles to ride faster. Stick to the right edge if you are in the left lane. Quickly moving gives the bikers more control over the traffic. 

  1. Monitor Traffic On Your Mirrors

You must watch the rear-view mirrors every four to five seconds. Have the mirrors properly adjusted on either side of the bike. You can monitor what is going on on either side of the bike. It will ensure a long-term safe highway ride. In case a truck gets near you while riding motorcycle, you can turn the signal and merge into the next lane. 

  1. Try To Stay In The Side Of The Lane

As a biker, staying on one side of the lane is safe. Do not go toward the middle of the lane. Try to maintain distance if you find yourself between two or more vehicles or cars. Do not tail along other cars or bikes or get too close to any other bikes, cars, or trucks. 

  1. Avoid Rear-Ending Others

One should avoid this at all costs. The results can get fatal. The biker can lose control, jump out of their seat, and hit the car windshield. It can happen on the highway, and all vehicles drive at full speed. 

  1. Avoid Any Distractions

A small road bump for a bike can get deadly. While riding a motorcycle, if you encounter a bump and hit it, it may cause you to lose traction. Avoid potholes, debris, and small rocks to avoid accidents. Riding on the bike lane can help you avoid obstacles. 

  1. Learn Lane Filtering, Lane Splitting, And Lane Sharing

 Lane filtering, splitting, and lane sharing are bikers’ navigation techniques. Filtering is where they switch lanes to go through slowed traffic. Lane sharing is a staggered formation with another biker as it increases safety and visibility. The biker can also ride between two lanes to navigate slow traffic. 

  1. Wear Proper Eye Care

Riding motorcycle on the highway will make dirt, dust, and grime get into your eyes. The breeze will pick it up as it blows against your face. Proper eye care will block the incoming debris and any flying objects suspended in the air. It can save you from a serious accident.

  1. Avoid Riding At Night If You Are A Beginner 

Night riding is best left to the professionals. The rule is never to ride the bike faster than what your eye can see. Keep your headlights on and ride at a lower speed. Upgrade your headlights if the need arises, and wear reflective clothing.

A biker riding motorcycle with the correct gear from Carorbis will make your ride safer, more comfortable, and memorable. 

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