Troubleshooting QuickBooks Company File Error 6190

causes of QuickBooks multi user mode error 6190

Are you frustrated by the persistent appearance of QuickBooks error code 6190 on your computer’s desktop? This type of error is possible when multiple users try to access a company file set to permit access by only one user at a time. If QuickBooks error 6190 appears, it may be because your database contains inconsistencies between the company and transaction files. This blog post focuses on QuickBooks company file error 6190, the reasons which led to this error, and easy solutions.

Causes Of QuickBooks Error 6190

The most common causes of QuickBooks multi user mode error 6190 are as follows.

  • If the company file and the transaction file (both of which should end in.TLg), you may encounter QuickBooks error code 6190. The filename suffix TLG is used to recognize these documents.
  • The second plausible justification is that the QuickBooks software installation was prematurely terminated.
  • Malicious software like viruses or spyware may have successfully embedded itself in your machine.
  • You may get QuickBooks desktop error 6190 if any files essential to running QuickBooks have been deleted or corrupted.
  • You will see the QuickBooks error 6190 if another user tries to access the file while you are in single-user mode.

How To Fix QuickBooks Error 6190?

You can fix QuickBooks error 6190 on your own without any professional support. Follow the below-given methods in a step-by-step manner, and you’ll be able to eliminate the error from your system.

Method 1: Utilize the Single Mode User Check 

QuickBooks Error 6190 may occur whenever a user performs a single-mode operation on the company file. Please read the following paragraphs and implement the safety measures recommended therein to prevent this:

  • You should ensure that everyone using the QuickBooks file has logged out before continuing.
  • After that, all of the PCs should be rebooted.
  • Move the file somewhere other than its original location, such as your computer’s desktop. The option to save a copy of the file in a new location is also available.
  • To restore the original location of the data file, you must go through the process of moving it there again.
  • Launch QuickBooks and log into it.

Method 2: Update both the QuickBooks software and the backup files.

  • The first step is for the user to ensure their copy of QuickBooks Desktop is current.
  • If you need assistance, use the Help option from the menu bar.
  • Choose always to use the most recent version of the desktop QuickBooks software.
  • Choose the menu item labeled “Options.”
  • Now that you can, please select the option to save.
  • Make sure the box is checked next to “Update.”
  • Choose the menu item labeled “Reset update” next.
  • Choose the Updates button to start receiving new information.
  • When you notice a notification indicating an update is available, you should close QuickBooks.
  • You may restart QuickBooks and apply any necessary upgrades.
  • The system should be restarted and checked to determine whether the problem persists afterward.


This blog post was able to give you an overview of QuickBooks error code 6190. Along with the causes, we have also mentioned the easiest solutions to this QuickBooks error, which would help you easily resolve it. For further issues or doubts, contact the QuickBooks Support Team for assistance. 

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