What Camping Gear You Need To Keep In A Tent


Camping is a fun way to spend time outside with family, friends, or even yourself. You can camp in many state and national parks, on private campgrounds, in the backcountry, or even in your backyard. Find out more by reading Where Can I Camp? Most campsites have a place to park your car, a place to set up your tent, and a picnic table. Many also have shared bathrooms and water.

Camping is fun in part because you don’t need a lot of stuff to live outside. But it’s also nice to have an easy-to-get-to campsite that feels like home. If this is your first time camping, you might want to borrow or rent some of these things. As you learn more about camping, you may find that figuring out what you need to bring is part of the fun.

Kit for First Aid

When you have kids, you really can’t go anywhere without a first-aid kit. Good thing Amazon has a lot of ready-made kits to choose from. Check out this small, easy-to-carry first-aid kit that is the best seller. It has almost everything you could need for first aid at a campsite. And it comes in a package that is easy to carry with you wherever you go. A first aid kit is necessary whenever you go for outdoor activity, plus you can also buy Guns and ammo at remarkable prices by using the Stag Arms Coupon Code. 

Chairs for Camping

Bring chairs for everyone in your family that are easy to carry and don’t weigh much. The kids will love to have their chairs around the campfire, while you can use a modern camping chair like this one from REI that is comfortable and easy to pack up.

Water Filter

Since camping can last for days, everyone in your family will need to be able to drink water. You’ll need a water filter or water purifier. The Go-Berkey water filter is a great choice. Or you could bring a Travel Berkey, which is a bit bigger. This is the size we always had with us in our RV.

Water Bottle Made Of Steel

On winter hikes, we sometimes just want a hot cup of coffee or a cold glass of juice. Or just ice-cold water for dinner around the campfire. Using a water bottle made of stainless steel will do the trick. We recommend the standard Hydro Flask bottle or the double-walled stainless steel CamelBak Chute Mag Vacuum. Yeti’s small water bottle for kids is so well made. It doesn’t sweat, keeps drinks either hot or cold, and can’t be dented.

Bug Spray

Bugs are small things that can be annoying when you go camping. Bring some lemon eucalyptus bug spray if you don’t want to get bit by bugs, especially around the campfire. It works wonders and is better on kids’ skin. Get email updates on the latest posts and more ideas for RV travel, camping, and family travel.


When you plan to spend a lot of time outside, don’t forget to bring sunscreen. Even if it’s cool, you can still get burnt if you’re not covered or using sunscreen. This brand of sunscreen is our favorite. It works well and won’t hurt any kind of skin.

Places To Keep Food Cooler

During the summer, you can’t go camping without a camping cooler. Coolers are easy to take with you and make sure that your food is still fresh when you cook it, so go buy one! So, think about these things before you buy something, and use the Dometic Coupon Code for savings. 


The most important thing for tent camping is, of course, a tent. Read the reviews of the best tents at REI. Depending on what you need, you might find that you can get a good tent for less than you thought. Different campers need different kinds of tents. For instance, a tent for two people can’t be used by a big family.

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