Why Are Black Diamonds Becoming A Trend Setter These Days?

black diamond ring

Just like colourless diamonds, black diamonds are making a nudge among fashionistas. Other than the diamond lovers, the designers also incorporate black diamonds in their designs. You may question the beauty of Black diamonds because of the perception that diamonds are valued for their clarity and perfection. All thanks to the fashion enthusiasts’ visionaries who brought these black diamonds to notice. Now they are just ruling over the hearts. What’s the long-cherished mystery of black diamonds that makes them so popular among consumers? Let’s delve into the factors we put together.
A few points here will help you understand why black diamonds are becoming trendsetters other than pure ones. 

These Black beauties are Mysterious

The fascination that goes hand in hand with black diamonds is because of the mystery of the natural black diamonds. The mystique regarding the black diamond is that the most prominent Black Orlov diamond, which has been set in jewellery, weighed 67.5 carats. The story of the curse of the black diamond includes another interesting story. The Eye of Brahma was stolen from a Hindu idol. Later on, the diamond spread its curse to anyone who touched it. In addition, the name Black Orlov was derived from a Princess named Nadia Vyegin-Orlov committed suicide. So, the mystery involves both its large size and notorious incidents. 

Black diamonds are cost-effective

Other than oval cut diamond engagement rings, black diamonds can always be a great choice. Affordability is a common factor that bothers you when buying some jewellery. A larger black diamond can cost you less than a small piece of perfectly white diamond. Also, you won’t have to hesitate before putting your money into it as they are never going out of trend. So, Girls here is an excellent option for your collection! 

black diamond

Black Diamonds are rare

Natural black diamonds are truly rare. They are not created equally as white diamonds. Though they are often less valuable because of their imperfection and uneven finish, they are not easy to get. The same size of a white diamond is pricier than its black version. If a black diamond holds even colouration, it is invaluable.

Black Diamonds are Meaningful

The architectural structure of black diamonds adds uniqueness and sparkle to them. But Black diamonds are not just a piece of jewellery you wear, and they are meaningful too. Black diamonds symbolise purity, strength, rebellion and power. A Black diamond engagement ring can be a different choice if you are looking for something unique for your wedding.

Black Diamonds have an Extra-ordinary Appeal

Black diamonds are extra-ordinary not only because of their rarity but also for their making procedure. For example, you will need an hour to add perfection to a white diamond, while the black ones need five to six hours. 


These five basic points may help you fix your mind on black diamonds. Make your collection a bit more enriched with natural black diamonds. They are available in a few countries only, and the exclusivity makes them stand out.

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